To use cannabis oil in its concentrated form, the plant should be condensed and extracted into its purest form. There are different ways to isolate the cannabis oil from its plant. There are different extraction methods used to derive cannabis oil, although they are generally referred to as the solvent and solvent-less methods.

If you plan to consume cannabis in any form, it is highly advised that you understand these methods. You have to realize that the way cannabis oils are extracted in different ways and you have to know how the product that you’re using is obtained for the best possible effect. The most common methods used are the following:

1. Dry Sieve Extraction

This type of extraction involves the use of dried cannabis leaves and buds that are shaken and beaten against a mesh screen. By doing so, trichome crystals are separated and then collected. Such crystals are known in the industry as kief. Kief extracts can be consumed as they are or mixed with dried flowers. Some press them into hashish.

2. Water Extraction

With water extraction, the cannabis plant is placed in a bag that looks like a sieve. The bag is submerged in a tub of cold water and then stirred. The process allows the trichomes to fall off the cannabis plant. The trichomes will pass through a tight collection of screens to produce hashish or kief that can bed smoked or dabbed. This method is also referred to as the bubble hash or water hash extraction method.

3. Rosin Press Extraction

In this process, rosin is produced. Rosin is a type of concentrated with a shatter-like or buttery consistency. It is produced without using solvents or additives to obtain the trichomes from the cannabis plant. Pressure and heat are used instead to extract it.

4. Isopropyl Oil Extraction

Also referred to as the Quick Wash ISO Extraction process, this method involves the use of dried cannabis plants and then soaking it shortly in isopropyl alcohol. When it’s soaked, flower and Isopropyl oil are shaken gently before it is strained into a dish.

5. BHO Extraction

BHO stands for Butane Honey Oil. This extraction method is quite famous not just in the cannabis industry but also in perfumery. It’s the processed used to extract terpene from a cannabis plant. In this method, a vessel with a filter on one end is filled with cannabis plants. Butane is sprayed to cannabis to obtain the cannabinoids. The cannabinoid that is rich with butane is placed in another vessel.

These are the processes of extracting cannabis oil from the plant. If you are interested in how the cannabis oil you’re using is extracted, then you have to research more about these processes so you can determine the purity of the extract. You may also ask for more information from the Memphis CBD oil manufacturer to know more about the purity of the extract and how it can be of use to you. When it comes to CBD oils and other forms, it is highly advised that you get as much information as you can before purchasing them.