As soon as winter arrives, the weather could be harsh especially on residential roofing. Once a roof is unprepared for the winter season, it could result in a lot of issues because of too much freeze and snowfall that leads to costly repairs or irreversible damages. Here are the most common problems your roof encounter during winter: 

Severe winds 

This could actually wear down your roof, particularly when it’s not prepared and condition. Once the wind speed increases, they could loosen the asphalt shingles and get displaced eventually. Hence, observe if your roofing has any loose shingles or roof parts that lie on the ground since that could be a sign to have your roof repaired. 


During winter, condensation is normal to happen because the warm air meets the cold surface. Once your attic isn’t insulated properly, it may serve as a developing ground for milder and mold due to condensation. Its impact could actually take a toll on the interior of your home since it provides a bad look. To stop this, make sure to ventilate your attic well since not enough ventilation can shorten the total lifespan of your roof. 

Ice dams 

In other portions of the world, ice dams are common. It occurs once the icy roof’s upper layer begins to thaw as the area’s lower perimeter is frozen. The ice melting from the warmer parts streams down and becomes frozen again on the lower portions that cause an ice dam. Behind the ice dam, the water might pool that could result in leaking into your property through roof cracks and result in severe destruction. 

Flashing leaks 

For sloped roofs, flashing leaks are quite common. If your flashing is not properly installed, it could begin to loosen up once a storm comes and it might result in water leaks.  

Tree damage 

Though it’s great to have trees within your yard, it costs you eventually. Usually, the overhanging tree limbs scrape the surface of the roof, which damages the upper protective layer. Heavy branches that fall on a rooftop are the worst since they can greatly harm your roofing. 


Did you know that icicles could possibly wear down your roof? These shiny things can provide harm to animals and people due to their weight. To stop this from forming, ask for a gutter repair company to help you clear out debris, leaves, and needles. 

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