Have you outgrown the home you’re currently living in? Do you want to have a new start by moving in a home that better serves your needs at the moment? There’s really no one stopping you but selling the home you’ve outgrown might not be as easy as you think. Your home style might be too attached to your personality and sometimes this can be less appealing in selling a home. Don’t worry a home staging service might just be the help you need to strip your home some of your trace and give it a newer look.

So, what is home staging?

Home staging basically involves rearranging your furniture and décor to give your house a better look to make it sell easier. In this process, it may mean improving your previous things and rearranging where your furniture looks better and this job might be simple but it sure does make a difference in helping your home sell.

The vital step to home staging is knowing why you’re doing it.

1. Knowing why you are home staging: According to surveys, home staging has been proven to help in selling your house at a higher expected price compared to homes that has not been staged. Survey also tell us that a staged home can be sold faster and reduces the waiting time you need to sell your home. Look for why you want your home staged is vital because it helps you gain the benefits on why you’re doing home staging in the first place. Moreover, since it takes an investment when you do home staging, knowing the benefits will help assure you that your investment is worth that fast and easy profit.

2. Fix up: One significant touch of selling your home is cleaning. Cleaning up gives an illusion of a much bigger space. Get rid of the things that belongs to you that does not give importance in making the space you’re selling attractive or enticing. Don’t try to play hide and seek with your buyers, they always look at every corner of something they want to invest in to make sure they are getting what they are paying for, keep your things in storage and throw them out the dumpster if possible. Don’t just organize the closets and living space clutter, make sure you make your house sparkle. Clean your bathroom and your kitchen because everyone who’s up for investing in a home need those areas clean the most. If you can’t handle all the cleaning yourself, consider investing on people who will make it possible for you. Besides investing in cleaning your home is as much of an investment as home staging.

3. Mind the lighting: Make sure your home is bright, including the rooms you have in your home. The brightness of your home, like cleanliness, helps accentuate space. If ever you’re planning to invest on repainting as well, choose a color that complements the lighting available in every area of your home.

4. Furniture is your friend: The rule when it comes to home staging is getting rid of half of the furniture you have. This will help in making your space look bigger and appealing. If you must, thrift or rent a furniture that is nice enough to go well with your space.

Sometimes there is more to do when it comes to home staging, however checking on home staging by Regal Home Staging eases your hands off the responsibility. Connect with them and have your home sell ready in no time.