When it comes to summer décor, a lot of homeowners find them distinctly beautiful. It makes you feel like you’ve got your own sunshine indoors if you incorporate boho designs, natural fibers, muted color palettes, and breeze fabrics.  

While it may feel like the style is completely seasonal, there are a couple of methods you can integrate summer décor trends into your year-round interior design.  

Of course, Raleigh interior designers can help you with this. However, if you’re planning to do it yourself, here are some tips to follow: 

Creating a Statement 

In the summer of 2021, creating a statement is going to make a huge comeback. Nowadays, more and more homeowners choose to have minimal design and an open space layout. Aside from that, bold statement pieces are becoming more popular again. It makes for an excellent focal point. Once they visit your home with this design, your visitors will definitely feel like they know you a lot. Of course, this is the purpose of interior design.  

Keeping it Neutral 

Typically, the colors associated with summer beach homes are beige, pale gray, ivory, and white. However, neutral colors are beautiful any time of the year. Thus, they are one of the greatest interior design trends this year. If you’ve got a neutral color, you can use it as a great backdrop for any color scheme you want. Gauzy drapes and white couches won’t go out of style. It becomes quite straightforward if you want to integrate a bit of color into the design.  

The Minimal Approach 

Of course, this is not the first time a minimalist design has been featured as a trend in the interior design industry. It also will not be the last. Minimalism was all about a stylishly austere design, seamless structures, and clean lines when it first started gaining popularity. However, nowadays, interior designers have been establishing this approach to take a more meaningful design that is functional, yet clean.  

A minimalist design is not just about open and empty spaces. It’s constantly evolving to play with pops of color, natural greenery, sunlight, and much more.  

The Blues  

If a person will ask you what color do you incorporate summer with, what will your answer be? Well, we are pretty certain that your answer is blue. Of course, the color blue is one that you’ll commonly see on sandy beaches and summer skies. That is why a lot of people and professional designers are incorporating blue as one of the top summer interior trends for 2021.  

A lot of designers suggest utilizing richer blues as an accent wall in your living room. If you want to offer your room a Grecian vibe, try adding décor pieces paired with a white backdrop and light blue linens. If you love a minimalist design, you can bring in a lot of vibrancy to your space if you add pops of bright cobalt blues. Integrate this sunny hue into your design as a constant reminder of the sun and clear skies on your skin.