When you are around areas like playgrounds, parks, and schools, you have to make sure that you drive carefully and slowly at all times because kids might unexpectedly run into the street. Make sure that you completely understood and adhere to the directions of crossing guards and school safety patrols. If you don’t know the regulations concerning school zones, Tulsa Auto School will provide you a few tips to keep in mind to secure the safety of the children as you drive on the road while passing by a school: 


Identify school zones 

The main rule you should keep in mind as a driver regarding school zones is that you should know about them. Nearly all school zones are led by several speed bumps, flashing lights, and warning signs. All of these things are there to make sure that the drivers will be reminded that they are about to pass a school zone. Also, pay attention to the road and focus your mind while driving always. Depend on 

Reduce your speed 

A sign indicating that you have to reduce your speed limit is one of those warning signs as you approach a school zone. This speed limit can be below 10-15 miles per hour, which depends on what kind of roadway that particular school zone is in. Nevertheless, the school zone’s speed limit would be particularly lower compared to what’s posted on some places of similar roadway. You must know when you will be approaching a school zone for you to acquire some time to limit your speed without instantly hitting on the brakes too late.  

Anticipate heightened traffic 

It is expected that the traffic will be increased nearby school zones, particularly between 7-9 AM and 2-4 PM because these are usually those time when buses and parents will be picking up or delivering kids to/from school. If you drive around those times, make sure that you drive carefully and slowly to keep the parents and kids safe. 

Follow policemen, traffic officers, and crossing guards 

In school zones, crosswalks are usually managed by crossing guards. These are the individuals who have the legal right to pause traffic to allow parents and students to safely cross the road. You could also observe traffic officers, who take precedence over any traffic signals or signs that usually manage the vicinity and take over the increased traffic during afternoons and mornings. Ultimately, the police officers frequently place their vehicles near the school zone perimeters as an additional safety measure. So, if you can see a police car or flashing lights in a school zone, that could be an indication that there are students within the area.  


 Those are only a few of many tips you can get from Tulsa Driving School. If you want to know more information or if you want to enroll in a private Oklahoma driving school, visit our website now. You can also contact us directly through our designated phone number, which can be located on our site, and our representatives will respond to your inquiry any time.